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rapidtrade Desktop

Download rapidtrade Bishop Desktop software (Version = 16.4103.0.0 and filesize = 8.1MB. Released 2 December 2020)

Plascon Counter Sales Desktop

Download rapidtrade Desktop software for Plascon Counter Sales – released 28 February 2012

Please note that before you can use rapidtrade Desktop you need to get a Profile and Password from your Supplier.

To see if your supplier is on board with us please email

Order Management Systems

Welcome To rapidtrade

Welcome to rapidtrade, the future of order management systems and customer relationship management. If you are looking for an efficient way to receive and process customer orders start to finish, we’ve got the answer for you.

Enhance your brand image, and protect the quality of your service. The interconnected points of the order management system will undoubtedly allow for the delivery process to become streamlined.

Every department in your business will improve in performance as the system works to enhance the entire business as a whole. The rapidtrade team will provide a customised system to you, working alongside your preexisting procedures. Moreover, it will update your processes tenfold.

Furthermore, your customers will receive the right products, at the right amount and time. We aim to streamline each section of your business so that the parts that can develop, do. On top of this, we look to automate functions which can intensify the productivity of your company.

rapidtrade is a business that looks at the intricate details, as well as the broader picture. When you upgrade every facet of a business, everything begins to work at a higher level of quality almost instantaneously.

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